String theory somehow suggests that entire Universe could be made of strings. Or some mathematically connected equations.  Many people totally disprove such possibility as they don’t see how things can be made of anything like a string. I performed series of graphic experiments to prove that complex objects can be created of a single line or a loop. So that is my personal graphic design prove of “stringy” or “loopy” Universe possibility. Each image is made only of one string or a loop and still it is far from being abstract, and you simply can see what this or that design represents. A lot depends on your perception, simply. Also again string theory says that everything is made of a single entity somehow, when we got used to live in a world where every object is separated. In these artworks I try to demonstrate that using a single string many things that may be understood as rather separated, for example a woman and a basketball she holds, indeed may be created of a single matter - a string or a loop.
To Be Continued...

Thanks for Watching.
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