I created a logo, album cover and elements for Alien Robot, electronic musician who creates improvs on his iPad.
Task was unusual as I was asked whether I could create everything needed using only iPad and its apps. I said - yes and took the task.
Alien Robot is a person who doesn’t want to disclose anything about his/her identity. Also this is a musician who doesn’t use desktop at all, only iPad for any purpose of the kind. Music of this artist can be described as musical microblogging. This music is improvised and minimal. Electric Jazz of a sort.
Certain album is about a person who is searching a way to find another creatures able to understand. Lost in space this creature is alone and travels abandoned or inhabited planets. And sends signals. If somebody will be able to decode this signal that will give a chance to this creature to create a portal and thus to move to populated part of the universe.
Thanks for Watching!
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